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    Whale diary

    Monday, 17 July 2017

    Tour at 20:30

    Report from Elding: It´s alway nice to miss the rain and for most the tour we did, watching it fall in the distance is always amazing and Icelands constantly changing conditions is what astounds tourists constantly. We had a fun ride, headed out into Faxa Bay, can see a big change in the temperature of the waters by the sudden appearence of thousands of moon jellyfish everywhere. We searched for a long while with out cetacean sighting until we got word from another whale watching vessel about a pod of dolphins. It took us 20 minutes to reach the area where they were and we were happy to see that they were still around. A very scattered pod of about 5-7 white-beaked dolphins that seemed to be having a tough time to catch their dinner. They were a little hard to follow but we soon found another pod of about 8-10 white beaked dolphins with babies (calves), they were great. Unfortunately no whales but Bjarni our live on-board musician made up for it. 

    - Megan Whittaker

    Tour at 17:00

    Report from Hafsulan: Weather is getting worst, at the end of the tour it started to rain. Lucky it was like that only at the end and rest of the tour was much better. This time we needed to went very far away to find animals, but it was worthy. First one which made us simile was harbour porpoise, only one but jumping next to the bow. Few seconds later we saw a blow and a splash in a distance, and of course it was humpback. When we finally reached place whale disappeared but in the same spot we found big pod of white-beaked dolphins. And then whale surfaced just between dolphins and started to play with them! Whale lay on its side, rising one flipper and part of the tail while dolphins were swimming close to its belly! Amazing view! Later on we could see fluke of this whale and it was Daisy! Its awesome when we are able to recognize some of them! Daisy is a lazy whale so after very long dive we run of the time. On the way back we saw another pod white-beaked dolphins crossing our path. Great tour!

    - Ewa Malinowsa

    Tour at 14:00

    Report from Elding: The wind has picked up a little bit during the afternoon but at least we could still enjoy a little bit of sunshine. Unfortunately,we were not as lucky as on the morning tour with the whales and dolphins. We heard from other boats that they had seen dolphins and spent some time in the same areas to look for them but they seemed to have disappeared. Then we (well, only the guide) saw a minke whale one time, but we did not see it come back to the surface. In the end, we gave up and offered everyone onboard a complimentary ticket to join us on another whale watching tour within the next two years for free. These tickets can be used either in Reykjavík or in Aubrey. 

    - Hanna Michel

    Tour at 13:00

    Report from Hafsúlan: Although it was quite a windy day, it was not bad further out on the bay and spotting went better than expected. Only around 40 minutes into our tour, we spotted a blow that we headed towards. But before reaching the spot where we had seen it, we were greeted by two white-beaked dolphins! They turned out to only want to check us out for a few minutes and then left us to keep going ahead towards the blow. We found it again quite quickly and could see that it had been the blow of a humpback whale. It was resting in the area but overall rather elusive as it didn't surface very frequently. After giving it enough time to surface several times, we went on in our journey around the bay. We encountered two more pods of white-beaked dolphins, the first a pod of 6, the last at least 10 or more. Especially the last pod was great, spreading around the boat, bow riding and leaping. Seeing that there were even juveniles and calves in the group was a lot o fun for everyone, crew as well as passengers.

    -Sabrina Cosine

    Tour at 10:00

    Report from Elding: It was quite windy today and the sailing not very smooth but at least it stayed dry throughout the tour - let's look at the bright side. After an hour of so we came to an area where other boats had spotted a humpback whale and also got a look at it. It was an individual that we are pretty familiar with from previous tours, it was Daisy!! We followed him/her for a while and saw a few fluke-ups as it was going for a dive.Then it probably started feeding and went for quite long dives so that we decided to move on and look for something else. There was a lot of bird activity but for a long time we didn't see anything else, until a group of 3 white-beaked dolphins found us! They just popped up out of nowhere and we managed to follow them as well and got a nice look at their beautiful black and white pattern before returning to the harbour. 

    - Hanna Michel

    Tour at 9:00

    Report from Hafsulan: The Monday morning started blue, with clouds covering sky and wind. Sea was a little bit rocky but non of our brave passengers get sea sick! After a while of getting used to the waves and watching puffins we saw the blow. This was humpback whale! It was young individual which sadly didn´t show fluke se we could identified it. We were watching this animal surfacing slowly from time to time, enjoying how calm and relaxed it was. Few time whale surprised us pooping up very close to our boat! But the biggest supprise of the tour was presence of mysterious minke whale, which we saw only once surfacing next to humpback, but we could smell it few times! What a disgusting but funny experience!

    - Ewa Malinowska

    Bird species seen on today's tours include: northern gannet, northern fulmar, lesser black-backed gull, kittiwake, atlantic puffin, common guillemot, razorbill, arctic tern, arctic skua, manx shearwater and eider duck.

    Status: RUNNING

    We are sailing out from the Old Harbour in Reykjavik today.  If you are sensitive to sea sickness, we do provide sea sickness tablets, free of charge! We hope you are able to join us on the search of these magnificent animals in their natural environment.