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    Whale diary

    WEDNESDAY, 11 JULY 2018

    Tours at 09:00, 10:00, 13:00, 14:00, 17:00 and 20:30

    Tour at 20:30

    Report from EldingThe weather calmed down during the evening and it was actually quite pleasing during the trip. However, unfortunately this tour did not stand up to the quality standards of our tours, cetaceans wise, reason why we provided all passengers a second chance to come on another  tour with Elding for free! Even though our sighting rate is quite high, sometimes the animals just play hard to get. We did spot a Minke whale from a far, but were not able to fallow it as these animals can be quite elusive and tricky to track. And closer to the end of our tour we could smell the breath of another Minke whale, but could not sight it. These animals can go for deeper dive and move quite fast under the water and change direction completely, making it very unpredictable to know where they are going to resurface again. Nevertheless, our musician delivered a wonderful show make this a very enjoyable tour!

    - Ines Cunha

    Tour at 17:00

    Report from Eldey: Sailing out from Reykjavik it was rainy, but we had high hopes the cetaceans would make it worth our while. Going out in the bay, we found ourselves surrounded by fog, and the visibility war poor. Bird life was good, and we saw a lot of different species, but the cetaceans were nowhere to be found. At the very end of the tour we saw 3-4 white beaked dolphins, but it was unfortunately a brief encounter before they disappeared. We would have loved to show our visitors more of the great wildlife of Faxaflói bay, so all passengers got a complimentary ticket, and can can come again for free. Better luck next time!

    - Mia Rasmussen 

    Tour at 14:00

    Report from Elding: The wind has gone down significantly compared to the morning tours, and so have the waves. Nevertheless, this tour has proven to be very challenging indeed. The crew saw a couple of minke whales during the tour, but unfortunately, only a handful of passengers saw the same. We made a couple of stops where we waited and waited and waited for the minke whale to resurface again, but we were not lucky enough. We had a good time on board despite the absence of sightings and the wet weather conditions. Hopefully our lovely guests will come again and try the whale watching once more with us with the complementary tickets we gave them.

    -Lucas Heinrich

    Tour at 13:00

    Report from Eldey: The wind had slowed down a little from the morning tour and the sea was calmer. We headed to the same area as this morning to try and find the humpbacks and all of the minke whales but it seemed like the bay had emptied as we were having a difficult spotting something. After about 50 minutes of sailing we saw a blow and a back of a whale, it turned out to be a minke whale. It was being very sneaky and surfaced fast round the boat so not a lot of people got to see it. Another minke surfaced only twice behind the boat so just a few saw it. So it was not a good spotting tour so we gave people the chance of coming back to try seeing something with some complementary tickets. 

    -Kolbrún Þóra Sverrisdóttir

    Tour at 10:00

    Report from Elding: The weather picked up a bit through the tour. Despite the challenging sea we were able to spot a humpback whale breaching from a far. As we came closer we were able to observe the animal lunge feeding which provided an amazing experience! We continued tracking the animal as it was it started traveling and at some point we ran into a minke whale. So, for a moment we were surrounded by two different species of whales! Later on we realized that there was at least one more minke whale in the area as well. Another incredible tour to remember!

    -Ines Cunha

    Tour at 9:00

    Report from Eldey: We sailed out from Reykjavik harbor in wind blowing from south east with 5-9 meters per second. During the tour we had drizzle of rain now and then, but nothing that our overalls couldn't keep us warm and dry from. As always we where excited to go out in the bay, and encounter wildlife. After 40 minutes of sailing, while we were scanning the area for signs of cetaceans, it suddenly went very fast. Minke whales appeared around us, big flock of birds appeared and in front of us a humpback whale came to the surface and we could see the big blow! We saw 2 humpback whales on the tour, and a totalt of 5-6 minke whales. One of the humpback whales was seen feeding and also showed us the fluke. It was a great trip out in Faxaflói bay. 

    - Mia Rasmussen  

    Birds seen during todays tours: Atlantic puffin, northern gannet, eider duck, common guillemot, black-legged kittiwake, lesser black baked gull, arctic tern, manx shearwater, great skua, storm petrel, razorbill, great blacked gull, glaucous gull.

    We are sailing out from the Old Harbour in Reykjavik today. We will have some rain and some wind but we have inside and outside area on all of our boats and also provide warm overalls for you on the boats. Hope you will be able to join us today on our search for these magnificent animals in their natural environment.